Over the last hundred years, industries have been using electricity for their operations and the other purposes. In today’s scenario, it is impossible to run any industry without electricity. The electricity supplied to the industries is so high in power that it takes a lot of effort and knowledge assisted with world class electrical accessories to run an electrical network properly. In order to make your electrical network functional to its best efficiency, you need to install several best quality electrical accessories.

The electrical accessories are the equipment and items that are necessary to protect your electrical network from various types of hazards and allow you remain safe while operating on those network. There is a long list of accessories that are used in the modern electrical systems. Let us discuss several electrical accessories.

Insulators– Insulators are the materials, which are known for their electrical blocking qualities. These are the substances that are meant to block the passage of electrical current through them. These insulators are used for keeping two electrical components like wires from coming in direct contact with each other. There are several different materials that are used for making electrical insulators for example porcelain, fibre glass, and composite polymers. You have the liberty to choose the one which suits your budget and requirements.

Switch gears- The switch gears are the equipments that are used for controlling the flow of electrical current through any circuit. They play a crucial role in controlling the electrical feed at the time of any repair or testing. There are many types of switch gears available for use, such as air break switches, gas arc switches, and many others. It totally depends on your circuit load and circuit type, which type of switch gear you prefer for your electrical network.

Joint and terminals- The joints and termination kits are used for joining two segments of wires cable to get a desired length. When two wires are joined together, the joint so made is not that strong to withstand the whole strain put on the joint due to the weight of both segments of the cables. For this purpose, straight through joints for cables are used. These straight through joints support the joints and help in elimination of strain from the joints. There are many types of joints and terminations available for cables such as heat shrink joints and cold shrink joints. The heat shrink joints are used for very high voltages whereas cold shrink joints are used for medium value voltages.

Apart from these, many other electrical accessories play a vital role in keeping your industries running by keeping the electrical networks in a very good condition. They not only provide better working conditions and safety for the electrical appliances and equipment, but they also ensure that the workers working in the plant have no risk from the electrical components of the plant.

Author’s Bio: The author is an electrical engineer and is working with compaqinternational Here he works on various safety issues raised by the industries and gives them the best working products for future.