The biggest hurdle in the Mobile TV’s universal penetration is the Mobile TV handset. Until there is some equipment to view on the delivered content, there could be no development.

The production of the Mobile TV handset is embroiled in the politics of technology as well as problems of technology.


 The Problem of Technology

The development of viable Mobile TV from a mobile handset faces following problems:

  1. The Battery life: Continues display of large number of colors, requires large amount of energy. The energy need to be supplied from the battery. Present commercial batteries find it difficult to meet the requirement of continues display of Mobile TV on the handset. The currently available Handsets are able to meet the 3 to 4 hours need for the power consumption need of the Mobile TV display.
  2. The shortage of memory: The content on the Mobile TV needs large amount of buffer memory and storage memory; these memories have to be meat in the smaller size of the Mobile devices. The size of memory has to further shorten to make the Mobile devices more mobile and handy. The problem is further compounded if the content is downloaded and then displayed.
  3. The shortage of Processing Power: Display of the content with clarity and colors requires high amount of the Processing power compared to the present display needs of the Mobile devices. This is challenge to present chip manufacturing capacity
  4. Clarity of LCD display: The quality of the clarity on the display has a very important role in the stickiness of the viewer. The competition of smaller LCD display is with the present TV sets display. There is no competition between the two. The LCD displays of the Mobile TV have to rise to match the present TV sets display. With the advent of LED display technology there will be improvement in the display quality. We hope that LED technology may help the Mobile devices to match the display quality of TV sets.

With the present technologies the weight of feasible equipment becomes quite bulky. This reduces the acceptability of the devices.

There are other devices which are also Mobile TV display. The car based display devices for Mobile TV. The car based devices over come some of the problems of Space for Processing Power and Storage Memory, as size and weight are not such a big issue for them. The car battery can also be used for supplementing or even in some cases total power supply of the system. But, these Juggad defeats the purpose of the concept. The device and the viewer has to stick to the car, it could not be viewed in any other transportation medium.

The above problems need to be resolved by technological breakthrough.


 The Politics of the Technology

We have observed in the previous article that delivery technologies are diverse. The diversity of delivery technologies had been compounded by the more diversity of the reception technology.

The delivery technologies are diverse due to almost purely technical evolution reasons. The delivery technology diversity is standardized by the Technological Unions or quasi regulatory bodies, which controls the number of competing technologies, keeping the competition and evolution of technologies on track.

The competitions in the reception technologies are fierce. The stakes are high in terms of money involved, the competition is not regulated, and the technologies are not standardized. So it becomes a good ground for politics of technologies. The product is for consumer market, the numbers are quite high and so is the money involved, in comparison to the delivery technology.

The developer of various reception technologies does lobby with various components manufactures and with devices integrator or manufactures. This lobbing creates good amount of heat and does hampers the early standardization of technology and production based on the accepted technology.

The device manufacturing of the Mobile TV does still needs the requisite push technically and political resolution, once these issues are resolved the acceptability of Mobile TV will pick fast pace.

In next article we will discuss about one of the Mobile TV devices.