Following the release of Apple’s new Mountain Lion Operating System for Macs, there has been a mixture of feelings as to whether to love or hate it. According to most of those who have used it, it is a better system in comparison to Lion and offers a few new cool features for users. The look alone is nicer with a grid formation for apps, similar to that of the iPad. This is also in effect a filing system for apps so the user can benefit from on-screen organization and generally, a nice desktop.

Messages are now incorporated into the new OS making previously popular apps such as iChat obsolete. The synchronization between devices is the best part – you can get your messages on your Mac, iPhone, etc. Send messages directly to other iPhones and Macs and see them on all of your devices. Share photos, videos and documents and when you are on the move, move your conversation with you to another device.

The operating system comes with an incorporated voice dictation feature; you can talk to your computer! Not everyone will make use of this feature, but for those who do, it is quite impressive. This makes writing papers and documents really easy and quick; without the need for typing!

The new notification centre is really cool. All of your notifications can be found in one place, you can even tweet from here! They will be housed in a bar on the side of your screen and can be hidden if you prefer. You can even set your notification to ‘do not disturb’ for when you are working or for those days when you would rather not be bothered by the world…

AirPlay Mirroring is a feature that can be used across devices where Mountain Lion is installed. It allows easy synchronization between mac computers, iPad’s and iPhones with everyone’s good friend the TV. This means users can share what clips, music and movies by streaming to your TV. As long as your devices are connected to the same internet network, the icon to sync will appear automatically. There are some great broadband plans through the Broadband Expert site for fast streaming between your devices.

To contradict the pros above, there are some cons to AirPlay. The biggest disappointment for this new system is that AirPlay does not work on Mac models that were produced prior to 2011. Limiting this amazing capability to MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis and iMacs is a bit of a downer for those with older models wanting to make the most of Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion updates all apps automatically. Having the apps update in the background without interfering with your work makes it easy to stay on top of things, curb crashes and guarantees a smooth user experience.

Time Machine is still there although has been reported to be quite slow on Mountain Lion. Back-ups are important for most users and some have found the feature is time-consuming and producing large back-up files taking up quite a bit of memory.

The new OS comes with its own web browser in the form of Safari. Some users prefer Chrome to this, but it does have its own unique features as well. It has its own version of Chrome’s Omnibox and is reported to be quicker and easier to navigate than its counterparts.

Twitter is fully integrated in Mountain Lion, which is fantastic for the social network fans. You can share anything pretty much anywhere without having to venture on to Twitter itself. The share functions are aplenty on the new OS.

There are certainly tons of great new features on Mountain Lion. It is reported that Apple have integrated or changed at least 200 features so there is a lot that is left to be explored and a lot more to come…

Mountain Lion is the new OS from Apple and is living up to the technological advances that users and fans have been waiting for. Of course, there are some bad points, but with so many good, there is a lot to like.


“The above article is written and edited by Rosette, who is a freelance writer for various blogs and communities related to technology and business. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, entrepreneurship, etc and anything that is related to them.For her latest work please Check out Broadband Expert site.