In today’s society we are highly dependent on our internet connection. Having a slow unreliable connection can certainly throw a damper in our day. It is important we can upload files, pictures and get emails at a moment’s notice. Did you know that electronics, even utilities in your house and humans can slow down your Wi-Fi connection? Below are three reasons why your Wi-Fi connection may be running a bit slow.

First, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection can really hamper your ability to have a strong connection. A Wi-Fi connection works by finding the open or least used radio frequency to transmit data. If too many neighbors are using Wi-Fi at the same time then the number of radio frequencies available becomes limited causing a delay. If you continually see a lag in your connection, you may try contacting your internet service provider. They may be able to get you on a different channel. This may help increase your speed.

Second, if are you a huge Netflix fan, this may be an important one for you. The use of Netflix for hours at a time uses a ton of bandwidth. Netflix is streaming video from your Wi-Fi connection so it using as much of the connection that is available. Therefore, it will use the entire radio frequency available causing a massing melt down for everyone else trying to use the internet in your home. If you have Netflix or are thinking about getting Netflix you definitely want to make sure you have a large enough broadband package that you can stream and use the internet for other purposes (For more details on SKY please call the Sky telephone number at 0844 800 3115.). You also have the option of setting up your router to prioritize applications so that it knows which applications or devices should get priority service. This will work so that Netflix may be towards the bottom. Of course, that is up to you.

Third, human beings play a massive role in determining how fast or slow your Wi-Fi connection is. Depending on how large your family is and how many of them have cell phones or tablets could impact the ability of your connection to keep up. Have you ever been to a large football game with thousands of fans? The ability to get a text out is highly unlikely. The same concept can happen at home with your Wi-Fi connection. The number of people in a home has a serious impact on the signal strength. Make sure you have enough broadband on your plan to support your family.

There are numerous other factors that can contribute to the breakdown of your connection such as electronics and your physical location. The three above are at the top of the list. If you can investigate these and mitigate them, you will have a much more reliable connection.