Candy crush is a game that is played by millions of people in today’s world. This game doesn’t not involve your own playing skills but rather also depend on other things such as how many you invite etc. there are 5 tips which will help you in playing the game better.

1)   Make Friends As Close Friends: There are certain levels which need to be locked. Not all levels are unlocked for the user such as candry crush 33. And there are 2 ways to unlock these levels. One is to buy the levels by paying the money and the other is by inviting the friends to join and play the game. Given the choice between two, everyone would select the latter. Because it doesn’t know require any spending and all that is required is to ask your friend to join. Hence it is necessary that you keep your friends close which helps you to persuade them to join. Also there are instances when they can send you life when you are finished with all of them.screen2[1]

2)   A proper Planning: Planning is important not only in life but also in many games. Candy crush is one such game. The game although a simple grid based game which is all about matching the candies of same colour becomes very difficult in higher levels such as candry crush 33. In such a level, you need to have a proper plan. It is always suggested to clear the lower rows first. Also there are special candies which can help you in your tough times. These special candies or special candy combinations which are much more powerful than the special candies have to be properly used so as to make a maximum benefit out of these.

3)   Use Cheating Codes: Yes it is about breaking the rules. But it is just a game. There are many cheating codes created for the difficult levels. Using these can help you clear the particular level and move on to the next level. After advising to use these, it is also important that you complete the entire game by using the cheating codes or you use it too often. These can be used when you are stuck in a particular level for a very long time. The first way is always to win the game in the right way. But when you find that is difficult, you are allowed to use them so as to enjoy the remaining game.

The above 3 tips will surely help you in playing and clearing the levels in candy crush saga.