Hero 5 is a user-friendly and exceptionally powerful camera introduced by the GoPro brand. Owing to the distinguishing features like voice control, 4K video, waterproof design and sensitive touch display; this gadget has all the necessary potential to win the hearts of modern-day consumers.

Individuals love GoPro because the device could be utilized to capture images of and shoot anything and everything. However, it is only through some additional accessories that the immeasurable possibilities of the device could be successfully tapped.

In the following discussion, let us talk about some of those vital GoPro accessories that an enthusiast must purchase, in order to enhance the quality of the snaps and videos. Let us take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief:

  1. Anyone who is well-familiar with the extensive sector of photography knows that it is impossible to succeed here without the support systems. Action clamps with locking arms are thus, a must. This accessory would allow one to be flexible and achieve great motion range.
  2. Octomask goes well with the GoPro cameras. The product has tempered lenses made of glass and a skirt made of soft silicone offering utmost safety especially when one is using the gadget in outdoor settings.
  3. Gimbal is a hand-held stabilizer specifically designed for the GoPro cameras so that the devices could be panned, rotated, tilted and rolled without any sort of difficulty. The product is even more beneficial because it uses quality batteries and brushless motors.
  4. Individuals, who desire to take pictures or film videos underwater need a dive housing. There are varied models available and you must make your purchase, in accordance with your requirements. This product prevents vignetting and offers amazing clarity, even when used in salt water.
  5. The extension pole is one accessory that allows you to take wider shots. The pole weighs almost 4 ounces, is 26ft. high and waterproof till 60m. The transparency of the pole allows you to concentrate on your action without any kind of distraction.
  6. Head-mounting systems or head straps allows you to shoot videos without the usage of hands. The product also allows you to mount the camera even on backpacks or belts. Exceptional designs make the accessory compatible with all kinds of GoPro cameras.
  7. Do not know how to get clear close-up shots? Well, no need to worry because GoPro cams now come with excellent macro lenses that are noted for remarkable magnification. These lenses also stand to be much durable and resistant to all sorts of scratches.
  8. Bobber Floating provides grip to your camera when you are using it in the sea. It is an extremely popular accessory that everyone with a GoPro camera buys.

The aforementioned GoPro Hero5 accessories must be bought if one has already purchased the camera of the same brand name. All of these are readily available in the brick-and-mortar stores as well as online. The virtual platforms let you have the products at an affordable price.