Shared web hosting is something best for the newbie users. In this type, there remains a server and different users have to share the resources.Few best shared hostings are Bluehost hosting services, Hostgator Hosting and so on. The users here often are confined in this case regarding memory, traffic, mail accounts, IP, database usage, etc. Apparently, the server, or the particular device’s processor, apaches, Mysql are also shared in this case.


However, this is a beneficial option being cost effective for the new users.They have their own advantage and disadvantages. Here we have focussed on both sides. Have a look!


Best for newbie:

The first point on this context is certainly the financially beneficial nature. For example Bluehost shared hosting comes with just $3.49 per month when you can coupon code from Bluehost. Initially, your sites don’t have much data or resources, especially the blogging sites. Hence, the user doesn’t feel anything much about the loading time.

Start Straight:

Beginning with shared hosting is never a big issue. Especially, in comparison with dedicated hosting it is too simple. Within twenty hours of your payment to the hosting house you can start enjoying your shared hosting.


It is a very good option for those having comparatively lesser technical knowledge. This is another reason that suits the newbie users as well. Here you don’t need to take care of the technical management parts while scripting parts over the server. Being specific, the non-technical users find difficulty when it comes of Linux handling parts.

Finest Control Panel:

In case of shared hosting the user has to put the site resources and do the configuration parts. However, the good news here is that most of the hosting providers offer sleek control panel on this occasion. Hence, starting from site upload, to database and mail accounts all can be dealt at an ease.

There is no worry of server maintenance and similar technical aspects as well.



Both advantage and disadvantage parts of shared hosting are quite apparent. Naturally, the first issue that comes upfront here is the confined resource. Server is nothing but a system, and here sharing involves means all have to make use of the same resources. Restrictions for users are quite obvious to be there here in terms of service.


You have to come across with the cases when one user in the server drags maximum traffic, processor efficiency, and other parts. Now, you have to face comparatively less satisfactory hosting specs.


Getting confined involves their negative parts always. Shared hosting limits your wish to install external tools or applications over the server for better performance of the sites or scripts. Here you have to deal with the support staffs of your hosting house in many occasions; hence you should understand the technical parts of your hosting as well.

On the other hand, as the servers are often maintained by hosting companies, or their network staff, you have to stay dependent upon them while incorporating any external tool or script. You can easily enjoy the benefits and services along hosting coupons.


Protection can be another point that can fall under disadvantage category as well. You always stay in threats of attack as many sites are shared through the same host.