Buying used caravans can be an awful experience if you ignore some of  the important aspects to be addressed before buying. Every factor  has to be investigated properly before you actually decide to buy a second hand van.

The foremost initiative to be taken is to check that if the property is fair and belongs to seller. You may be fooled by selling you a stolen or hired van or the one having loan on it, be aware of them. To ensure that the buyer is genuine first verify the chassis number of the caravan. Ensure that it is the correct chassis number and is unaltered. Next, verify the chassis number with CRIS. To avoid all these hassles the best way is to buy from a registered dealer. It may cost you a little more initially, but still you will be away from all the possible doubts and have the peace of mind while buying.

Buying caravans from dealer is beneficial because when you buy it privately, you get no consumer protection which assures ‘buying as seen’. Moreover, you are not sure that you will get same product as you saw while purchasing. Hence, it is advisable to always contact a registered dealer that will provide you the protection of the Consumer Act.

Remember, you have to buy used caravans because you want to save money by not investing a large sum of money on new caravans. So, be wise and do not let money go in vain by buying a van that doesn’t worth at all.