If you have ever gone through hedge trimmer’s market, you must have discovered too many varieties – some are long, some are double-bladed, some are small, and so on, the range seems like never ending. While this is a good to make your choice appropriate, it is somewhere confusing for people who are not professional and not much familiar with the device, mostly these are people who want hedge trimmers for their personal use.

For those who don’t know, hedge trimmers are basically available in three forms – mains electric, cordless and petrol. However, the sizes and shapes may differ depending on their functionality. Choosing one shouldn’t be difficult if you know what your hedges need. Suppose, if your hedge is small a pair of hand shears will do better. In other case if you limited amount of hedge to trim that too close to your house, a blade up to 45cm is an ideal options.

Similarly for large or lots of hedges, choose 45-60cm long blade to save time. Hedges are also tall, so for them it would be better to as long blade as it can reach the top of the hedge. Avoid choosing unnecessary long blade for future use, because as the length of blade increase, weight also increases.

For large lawns cordless trimmers will be appropriate as managing extremely long cords might be difficult to handle. This is also a good option where power point is too far from the actual position of hedges to be trimmed, as you can move them anywhere in your lawn. Just keep this basic knowledge in mind and buying hedge trimmer will not be difficult at all.