Can you imagine your life without color? If not, then there’s no reason why your photocopier should be without. Office photocopy devices have come a long way since they started. These days, multifunction color copiers with fax and scan options are in vogue.

Woman selects color of paper for printer.

Why Should You Own One?

  • For starters, everything looks good in color. In the current market, when much depends on presentation skills, it is imperative to own a copier that would complete your vibrant ideas by making them a reality on paper.
  • A colored photocopy is most definitely an attention grabber. Whether it’s a classroom or an office meeting, a well prepared brief in colors would set the ball rolling instantly, gaining you the complete concentration of the audience.
  • Colored prints do much more than just grabbing attention though. In a graphic presentation, where color speaks volumes, a simple black and white print might not be enough to make a crowd understand the logic. This will cost you time and money and achieve nothing concrete. A colored representation of your topic would attract everyone and make a point immediately.
  • If you own a multifunction color photocopier, scanner and printer, life will be hassle free. With our fast lives, it is always a boon to save some time. A copier this diverse will ensure more productive hours and less idle time running to different machines for different jobs.
  • Most colored photocopiers come complete with network facilities. This means they can be accessed from multiple and sometimes remote locations. The companies that work in multiple locations or multiple floors can save a lot time opting for network photocopiers.
  • The recent models of copiers are easy to use, with buttons and options that can be operated by practically everyone, including kids. The LED touch screen displays, easy to read instructions and the convenience to use the machines for multiple functions, all contribute to the user-friendly status.
  • Contrary to the common notion, color copiers do not cost much. The genuine cartridges, toners and drums are higher priced and usually have a good life. There are also options of buying remanufactured or compatible components which would cost much less and give almost same output. It really is a choice that would benefit the user both ways.
  • Compared to earlier machines, copiers today have more paper capacities and trays that are very useful for large offices that need higher output. As multiple types of papers can be stored, the user can choose from different options, such as A3, A4, letterhead, photo paper and many more out of a single machine.
  • The color copiers are available in many ranges from compact home machines to large office multifunction machines. There have been recent additions of 3D copiers as well. From school projects, management presentations to business strategies, nothing is impossible to create.
  •  If you don’t have enough money to buy a color photocopier, you can lease one from the various companies that are in the business of lending machines. This is particularly useful for companies with huge requirements, as the cost of lease is much lower than the purchase price and usually comes with a maintenance contract.

A Few Pointers to Remember

  • It is easy to buy compatible cartridges, drums or toners for a less price instead of genuine, but if there is a warranty on the machine, it will be discontinued immediately. If you have an old machine, try compatibles; otherwise, invest in OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) components for a long life of the machine.
  • Opt for a color photocopier that emits less carbon dioxide to ensure a safe environment, both in the house or office and outside.

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