The recent tropical storm and earthquake in Hawaii left the place completely devastated. With numerous people left homeless, there were many others, who have experienced severe damage. The problem of national data loss has also appeared to be one of the most demanding problems in this place. Therefore, apart from providing food and funds to the locals, people were also in search of a solution to the problems caused by data loss.

DriveSavers is a renowned organization with their base in Novato, CA. They are the efficient providers of data recovery services, digital forensic services, and eDiscovery services.They have recently announced to provide a helping hand to the victims of earthquake and tropical storm Iselle, which attacked a renowned tourist spot like Hawaii. It was the first major threat from hurricane in about 22 years to the Big Island. More than 30,000 homes in the area lost power connection, and were dumped in about 6 inches of rain on average.

Apart from the casualties caused due to the storm and earthquake, numerous individuals, as well as, businesses experienced massive damage to their electronic devices due to flooding and power loss. Amidst such devastation, DriveSavers have reported to extend their exclusive array of services to the local people and business owners, who are cleaning up the signs of damage caused due to fallen trees, water and power line destruction, and several other barriers.


                    Data Retrieval System – The Ray of Hope amidst the Aftermath of Iselle

 Scott Moyer, the President of DriveSavers, has said that the organization, with their 28 years of valuable experience, can provide data recovery services to retrieve financial records, photos, contact lists, tax documents, videos, or any other critical information that was stored in the now damaged hard drives. The organization provides computer service through an extensive network in and around Hawaii.

As a part of the data recovery program, DriveSavers has $500 off to offer for data retrieval services for a single hard drive. The same service is also being offered for RAID systems that have been damaged by either of the following:

• Impact of the recent storm
• Water or power surges due to the storm
• Data loss occurred due to earthquake and its aftereffects
• Any other reasons for data loss that is related to the tropical storm

The data retrieval program organized by DriveSavers will last till September 30, 2014, and is meant for both personal, as well as, business purpose. The experts from the organization have suggested people to unplug all the electronic devices from the power outlets, battery backup systems, and surge protectors, in case any storm arrives that could result in power outage. This will help people stay away from data loss, and the mishaps caused due to it.

Hard drives, that are not spinning, or are making scrapping noises that are unusual, should be detached from the machine as soon as possible, and sent to professional data retrieval service provider.

The above initiative is truly worthy, and it can save massive critical data from getting lost.

Author’s Bio : James is a renowned author, who suggests people to opt for flash drive recovery, as soon as the card stops functioning. When he is free, he loves to write on topics related to technology.