Homepage themes can be easily customized using the available tools as well as techniques. One can customize Google home page using the services of websites offering such facilities to the users.

Fancyhomepage.com is a website which offers similar service to its user across the world. One may visit the website and choose through various homepage themes available. The major advantages in using Fancyhomepage.com for changing Google themes are as follows:

One has wide range of homepage themes to choose from.

One may even customize Google homepage to initiate multiple search engines.

One has the option to customize Google main page.

One may even add a background picture of preference to Google themes for homepages to give it an exclusive touch.

One can change the Google theme at any moment

Set different Google themes for various browsers.

Even reset the picture on the homepage to feature your family and friends

While the above are few options which one can try? One may also save several skins according to choice reflected in “My Skin” box. Rotate these skins using “refresh” options. One can even add the images on start up pages too and make them appear different. The website also presents its users with some cool themes of games for homepage. One can now embody a cartoon character or any game character using the customize Google.

With these unique features one can easily turn the Google homepage in a uniquely customized homepage using the designs as well as themes at Fancyhomepage.com.