DVD copying is not tricky anymore; DVDFab Copy makes it easy for any novice to copy DVDs and easily make copies of DVDs. It is as easy as inserting the original DVD and the blank DVD and press Start and that’s it. The entire content of the original DVD is copied to the blank DVD as its processes are automatic requiring minimal technical knowledge. Another plus is the copied files do not occupy large space. In this review we discuss the many features, benefits and drawbacks of DVDFab Copy for Windows 9 Version.


Noteworthy Features of the DVDFab Copy (Windows Version 9)

  • Flexibility: You can make a clone DVD or make a copy compressing files to be stored in folders. Movies can be copied into hard drive or to a blank DVD.  It is also possible to back up the contents of the original DVD into ISO file or into a DVD file folder in your hard disc to be burned to a DVD later on or for future watching. You can split or merge several titles into a single DVD, burn or clone any DVD with ease.
  • Customizable:  You can copy the entire content from the original DVD to make a full disc. You can make your personal DVD containing only your favorite items. The other lovable feature is the ability to cut out commercials and to select your favorite titles and specify the order of playback with or without retaining the original menu.
  • Versatility:  DVDFab Copy is so versatile that it can copy most formats like DVD 5 to DVD 9 and vice versa, DVD 9 to DVD 5 and vice versa. Compressing to smaller spaces does not compromise the quality. You can choose your language, copy only specific parts of the original DVD and even determine the burning engine and select your burning speed.
  • Other OS support:  Though intended for Windows 9 version, the DVD copy software can be used with Windows 8/7 or Vista or XP with (32/64 bit). The other requirement for using DVDFab Copy on your PC is 512 RAM and hard disc free space of 20GB.
  • Multiple languages: The new feature of multiple user interfaces makes it easy for users to choose their language for subtitles and audio output according their preferences.
  • Convenience: You can monitor the progress of copying in detail with the reporting system and also can avoid set-up errors and view the contents on the preview screen before you start the copying.
  • Easy Installation: Just install the program and copy the contents of the crack folder to the default installation directory.  You are ready to go.
  • Barring a preview problem faced in a few cases and the problem during the running of certain command lines; the DVDFab Copy emerges as a true winner when it comes to DVD Copying software. The DVDFab Copy is constantly updated for supporting more mobile devices and the upgrades are free for lifetime. The best part is you can receive free lifetime customer support worldwide through email. No wonder more than 40 million people all over the world own DVDFab Copy.