After nearly a year of preparation, your store is finally open for business. Now that you’ve found the perfect retail space, recruited a fantastic staff and stocked the shelves, your lifelong dream of owning your own business has come to fruition. Countless people drone on about wanting to start businesses, but you’ve actually put your money where your mouth is and gone the extra mile. In addition, having spent quite a bit of time in this community, you’re certain that your store fills a niche that no other establishment in town caters to. Unfortunately, business has been much slower than you had hoped. You’re confident that if more people knew about your store, you’d be fighting back customers with a stick. In the digital age, there’s no better way to build awareness for a business than by drawing visitors to its website. So if your website’s traffic could use a much-needed boost, make sure to utilize the following tips.

Enlist the Aid of an Exclusive Online Ad Network

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to spread the word about your business on the web, enlist the services of an exclusive online ad network. These cutting-edge companies specialize in building brand awareness for clients by attracting massive influxes of new traffic to their websites. There are many different ways ad networks go about completing this task, including placing clients’ ads on high-traffic sites, tapping into often-ignored traffic sources and getting clients’ sites to appear in prominent search engines. Adding to their convenience, these companies offer clients around-the-clock access to support specialists and don’t weight them down with long-term contracts. Since most online ad networks offer customers month-to-month pay-as-you-go plans, you can easily part ways with them at any time without having to worry about exorbitant contract-termination fees.

Advertise in Your Local Paper

Although major newspapers are currently experiencing a decline in readership, many small town papers continue to enjoy healthy subscriber bases. So if your business is based in a small community, consider placing an ad for your store in the local paper. Make sure to include the store’s location, hours of operation and website address. Since interested parties will most likely check out your site before visiting the actual store, don’t be surprised if your suddenly see a huge spike in new traffic the next time you check your website’s stats.

Advertise on Local TV and Radio Stations

In addition to placing print ads in your local paper, you can effectively drum up website visitors by advertising on local television and radio stations. If you don’t have any experience producing television or radio spots, enlist the aid of a local ad agency. Whether it’s a TV commercial or radio ad, make a point of ending each spot by telling the audience your web address. If the stations that run your ads are particularly popular, you’re liable to see web traffic pick up dramatically within the course of several days.

In many respects, getting prospective customers to visit your business’s website is every bit as important as getting them into the actual store.No matter what type of products or services your store offers, maintaining a solid online presence is crucial to its success.