Pharmaceutical products involve public health. Hence, everything related to this subject, which bring it to the end users is critical, including pharmaceutical printing. In fact, this branch of printing industry is subject to more criticalities as there are a lot of regulatory issues which has to be followed in every condition.

Security is one of the major features that most printing companies do not have. A secured campus ensures that the confidential information related to the medicines will not be breached and hence the client’s will be confidentiality will remain secured. It is important for every such company to understand that security is the most essential parameter for medicine manufacturing companies to determine the standard of printing service.

Ideally, every pharma press campus should be throughout equipped with 24/7 surveillance. Along with the camera, vision scanners, bar code scanners and glue detection systems should also be there so as an essential equipments. A medicine package must assure good barcode quality. This is due to the reason that many things depends on barcodes, right up to the point of consumption. Using a hand held reader for checking the readability of the barcode is just insufficient, since its reading quality is not defined. Maintaining acceptable barcode quality is a vital responsibility of a press and a legal requirement for medicine manufacturing companies.

This is the reason why not all printing companies provides the facility of pharmaceutical printing. A very limited number of companies are there where such services are available and each of the company specializes in this field. They follow all the pharma regulations and equipped with securities which cannot be breached.