Sms tracker is such an application which helps all the people out there to spy text and have track about their kids or spouse or life partner or even employees. Using sms tracker can benefit you in multiple ways such as, of you want to what kind of messages you’re kids are sending or loyalty of you’re partner or what you’re co workers or employees are doing. Using a sms tracker is not always legal but there are some apps which are 100% legal.

SMS trackers make use of latest technology and you can eassily get text messages not only from you’re spouse but also from you’re kids and you can get a through information about whom they’re texting all day and even what they’re texting. Such apps are useful in showing the true color of people and even easing down you’re mind and confirming all the fears. Some apps are really useful and you ow to read text messages from another phone for free. Some applications such as mSpy provide you with not only with sms text messages and mms text messages but also with call logs and browsing history which includes various websites visited.

Generally it is found that all sms trackers help you to spy someones text messages free. They help you in keeping the tabs on the things you want.

But are these sms trackers free? Generally sms tracking companies charge you for their services such as to spy text and here are some of the best paid sms tracking apps:

  1. mSpy

It is an excellent sms tracker and comes up with many additional features such as tracking down social networking sites such as what’s app, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It provides best GPS tracking and gives you a proper list of all calls, photos and videos and even a list of emails sent and received. Though, this is a paid app but it is available at a reasonable amount at their website and it has got 24/7 global customer support. This app is trusted by many people around the world and it has a record of 95% customer satisfaction. These app is an excellent means for providing safety and security to you’re kids and even productivity about their employees on their mobile phones. This application is available for both android as well as iPhone users. You should surely try out this and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. ThetruthSPY

The second app on our list is thetruthspy and its a paid application. But the advantage about this app is that it provides you with a free demo for 48 hours. It helps you to spy text and you can also take a look at the targeted device’s inbox as well as sent messages. It provides easy access to names and numbers of sms recipients and even senders. All the information is uploaded online and you can easily access it frol anywhere, only requirement is internet connection. All you need to do is just log in and get access to all the details about messages.

  1. Highster mobile

Highster mobile application is total pack of all the features that one needs for spying and it helps you in monitoring all the aspecte of targeted device. Though it does not have additional features which mspy has. This application provides you with GPS tracking, social media monitoring, call monitoring, stealth camera, browsing history, etc. This application is great for all the Android users as well as for iOS users. It is available at a reasonable cost and once you’ve paid it you can enjoy unlimited access to all of its features.