Printing companies are constantly coming up with varieties of methods to make packaging product attractive for the customers. From marketing point of view, product based companies are emphasizing in improving the quality of packaging of their products, as a result of which the demand for new, creative and out of the box techniques have increase, so as to market a product in the best possible way. Here are some packaging product methods that are provided by the printing companies in Gurgaon.

This is method in which a liquid coating is applied to a printed surface to add a clear glossy, matte, satin, or neutral finish. Varnishes are available in different varieties to be chosen as per the requirements.

In this method, a foil layer is affixed to a certain material by heating to obtain gold or silver stamp. Foiling usually requires vector images and/or outlined fonts whatever you want to stamp.

Thermography is a process similar to raised printing which gives an impact of engraving, though using a different method for obtaining the effect. In this process a special powder is added to the ink to be used for printing on the paper. Then the printed piece is heated that mixes and dries the powder and ink mixture.

Die Cutting
It involves cutting of asymmetrical shapes in paper or paperboard with the help of a die. A dies are custom pieces used in printing for stamping, scoring, cutting, embossing and debossing. Their shapes and sizes may vary from project to project.

This is one of the oldest printing processes in which paper surface with raised letters is inked and then pressed to the printing substrate surface in order to reproduce an image in reverse.