Automobile industry is undergoing drastic revolution thanks to technology. Technology advancement has led to production of gadgets that not only improves the comfort ability and security of the car but also the general outlook of the cars. These gadgets are must have to make your car cool, sexy and more satisfying. Some of these gadgets come with the car when you are buying but some of these accessories you purchase and put on your car after you have bought. In built gadgets are the best as the manufacturers of the car have tested and confirmed that they work well in your car but those you put later you need to be careful as they may corrupt your car hence seek help from professionals before installing into your car any gadget. These gadgets that make your car amazing are.

1. Sirius backseat TV
Sirius backseat TV

This is a high plasma TV set placed at the back seat of your car. I know you are just asking yourself, so it is just a TV? This is a high tech car gadget with a big colourful screen that makes the inner look of your car superb and attractive to be in. Children are fun to this car gadget due to its lighting system that is sexy. Sirius backseat TV apart from updating you with information when you are in your car it also makes your car amazing.

2. On Star
Onstar gadget
On Star gadget is one of those gadgets that are factory installed hence its workability and compatibility with your car is confirmed. This gadget is very powerful gadget for turn –by turn navigation. It makes your car to make amazing turns that leaves people mesmerized while guarantee you your security. This gadget is extremely important during accidents has it automatically slow down the car. This is a gadget that makes your car amazing.



3. Personal Car Communicator

Personal Car Communicator
This is a car gadget that makes your car to automatically respond to any change in surrounding. It makes you to be aware of dangers long before u get near to it. It is mostly reserved for luxurious cars but you can purchase it for your car and have it installed by a professional automotive engineer. This is a useful gadget that makes your car amazing



4. Night Vision
Night Vision in Car
This is a front mounted infrared camera that has high resolution and clarity to make any object that is up to 300 yards be seen clear even at night. This gadget is factory installed in BMW cars but you can seek the services of this gadget from car dealers. The ability to view long distance objects with better definition and clarity is not only reducing accidents but also it makes your car amazing and a centre of attraction to people.


The above gadgets are very useful to your car as it improves on comfort ability and reduces the likelihood of causing accidents. Hence get these gadgets to make your car amazing from manufacturers and undergo a dsa driving test and you will enjoy the services of this gadgets all over the world as you can drive your car anywhere in Europe and other countries.