Great internet presence will inadvertently make you the leader in the industry. You will without a doubt outperform your peers in the industry hands down. The process of getting the much desired solid and firm digital marketing presence is however the challenging part. But even then, and you surely will agree, it is a wiser move to outsource SEO consultants rather than spend resources hiring or training in house talent for the same. And let’s face it, very few, if any, businesses enjoy the luxury of time and money to hire the best candidates to make up the dream marketing team only to yield results 6 months down the line. Partnering with digital marketing firms makes better financial and timely sense.

The following are some tips to ensure that you hire the right agency to support you in reaching the business’ digital presence goals.

Performance oriented

It goes without saying that your business needs an agency that will prioritize its growth over making profit. And while in the past this was unheard of, more and more marketing firms are aligning themselves to their client interests and living up to the hype; putting their money where their mouth is. Gone are the days a company would be charged exorbitant fees regardless of the performance. Many SEO consultants and companies, probably due to their influx in number prefer to charge reduced retainer fees and cash in profit-sharing. This is what one would call a win-win – you reduce the risk of getting mediocre services and the marketing firm gets its fair compensation over time.



A Digital marketing company is not made equal; there are those that thrive better working with B2C companies while others do better working with B2B companies. As such, you will want to partner with a firm that specializes in providing services to companies such as yours. Find out more the firm in question about the clients they have had better luck’ or success with in the past and check to see if yours stands out a great deal.


Have enjoyed a significant level of success in the past

After you have put into perspective the niche in which the agency thrive best, request to be served with example case studies. Ideally you expect a firm to provide you with evidence of success with brands similar to the one you have. If they have succeeded in the past, there are higher chances of them succeeding again.

Inquire on staffing

When you are outsourcing your marketing team, you expect the most qualified and experienced marketers to be put on your beck and call. Junior staff members, though qualified might not provide you with the results you are looking for. And even if they can, you just cannot afford to wing it – you have got a lot riding on the success of your marketing strategies. So before you hire, ensure that the firm will put at your disposal their best marketers.

Resources and tools

Now, while experience is an important factor to consider, you ought to bear in mind the tools, technology and process employed by the firm to deliver on their promises. Ensure you understand how the firm operates to provide you with the results. Prefer agencies that take advantage of new marketing tools and technologies available.

Choosing digital marketing agency is not a process that should be taken lightly given the fact it has the potential to take your business to the next level. Do your research and stay informed.