With the launch of iOS6 and iPhone 5, the iOS Application and Development industry has experienced a sudden upsurge. The sleek and slim smartphone from Apple with incomparable hardware features gives it a completely different air. For iOS App development, a brainy application developer of iOS   must use his skills perfectly to use the wonderful features of iOS6 and create innovative applications for iPhone5.

Anyone who has a clear concept of iPhone app and want to stay ahead in the competition of iPhone market should immediately hire an expert iOS Application developer. And mind it, this is not a very easy task. To get the best iOS App development, you need to hire the best developer. You have to do it very carefully taking into consideration the following steps.Guidelines for hiring iOS App Developer for iOS App Development

Eight simple steps for hiring iOS app developer

  • You should look for a professional developer to be hired for your company. Though there are many freelancers also who updated themselves regularly with the latest iOS technology, it is always preferable to hire a person who is physically associated with the company. They have the advantage of getting all the information of the latest technology even before they are launched in the market. Within the companies they also have to undergo regular training schedules to make the best use of the tools and technologies for iOS app development.
  • Have a look at the portfolio of the candidate to get the details of the app that he has made. Downloading one of such application that the candidate has developed and find out how much worthy it is.
  • Try to hire someone who has an experience of working on Beta version of iOS6. Such a person always develops a better iOS app than his competitors.
  • You can also ask the experienced developer for few recommendations. You can directly communicate with the person who has been recommended to find out whether they are satisfied with the app or not.
  • Select a few companies and candidates from the long lists of iOS app development companies. Then have a candid discussion of your app concept and at last ask them to give you a quote covering all the requirements.
  • Before hiring for your app development company, you should ask the candidate to sign on NDA (Non Disclosure agreement). This agreement ensures the protection of data and information given to the developer for iOS app development.
  • The developer should also have an in-depth knowledge of iPhone SDK tool. Before hiring test them on machines to detect their faults and strengths.
  • Check the communication skill of the candidate. If he cannot communicate properly, then he will not be able to understand or deliver the required app.


Cost factor to hire an iOS app developer

Cost factor mostly depend on the design of the app. If the design is complicated, then it is going to increase your CPH or cost per hire factor. Open Android apps are far more complicated and diverse than Apple’s. So it is much more expensive to hire an iOS app developer.

Only a professional application developer can develop an app which can fit to the continuous change. Hence, most of the technical savvy companies look for professional app developer for iOS app development and this tendency of the companies always help them to stay ahead in this world of competition.