How Do You Get Viruses on Your Phone

Did you know your android could be exposed to virus just like your computers? In today’s era, owning a smart phone is no big deal. This pocket computer can provide you with several benefits on the go. Protecting your phone is very important and it is very important to keep it secure from dangerous malicious software. The virus software has been designed in such a manner that it can control a device secretly, steal passwords, contacts and information and also track a user’s location without their knowledge. To keep your phone away from such virus attacks, it is better to be well aware of the fact.

Five ways in which your phone can get virus

Downloading apps – Every time when you download an app, you have to go through that particular step of terms and conditions. So what about it? Well, a percentage of the users agree to the terms and conditions without even reading what are the things the app will have access to. You may not focus on the part where it’s mentioned that they can have access to your accounts, contacts, and emails and so on.

Clicking on something in web – Over the internet, you keep on downloading things that can sometimes contract a harmful virus. While you click on something that looks a great deal apparently can turn out to be a massacre without your understanding as you have given permission to the virus to get decoded.

PC hook-ups – Most of you connect your phone to another device without performing an anti-virus check. Wondering why this kind of check is so very important? It is because when you connect your phone to another external unprotected device, your phone is likely to get viruses from the device as well with other stuffs.

Message attachments – You might suddenly receive unwanted texts or mail from your friend or someone you don’t know. If you choose to ignore it, you are in a way keeping your phone away from virus. But if you choose to fall into the trap of opening those texts, you will be revealing your phone to serious virus damage.

Precautionary measures:

  • Keep your phone protected with anti-virus software which is available in the App Store of your phone.
  • Lock your phone with a PIN or a password when you aren’t using the  phone to keep it safe.
  • While you browse the internet, make sure you stay away from the malicious websites. Even though you receive an unexpected mail from your friend with a suspicious link, do not click on it as it might direct you to the malicious website.
  • Avoid downloading from third-party websites that can put the phone on risk. Only download from a trusted source such as the phone’s app store as this will keep your phone secure.
  • Only modify phones the way it is supposed to be done by the manufacturer. Breaking this modification is called jail breaking which can make way for the viruses to infest.
  • Always encrypt your phone’s data and files that will shield the data, attachments, contacts and files in it.
  • Avoid using unsecured open wireless connections that will allow your phone to get connected with other devices that can slip in viruses.

Smartphone has become a popular target for virus attacks, so all you need to do is keep a careful eye while you use your phone. Try avoiding the ways that could make way for viruses to get installed and take adequate measures too while paying your pending bills. With Paytm offers, you can now pay your bills safely and enjoy several other deals, while your phone remains antivirus protected. Now, say ‘no’ to virus attacks and keep your phone secure!