Your ride on mower will be fitted with something called a solenoid (an electromagnetic switch that controls the electricity flow through your engine when starting it). If your mower is experiencing problems with starting, it makes sense that the solenoid would be the first thing that you check for damage and other issues.

Step 1: Locate the solenoid on your mower. It is a small black box that will be connected to the battery by a red wire. Once you find that wire, you will be able to trace it back to the solenoid.

Step 2: There should be two large posts sticking out of the solenoid; the red wire you followed will be attached to one and the other will be attached to another wire that is connected to the starter.

Step 3: Using an insulated screwdriver, bridge the gap between the posts. If the starter begins to spin when you do this, the solenoid has become damaged or worn out and will need to be replaced. If the starter does not begin to spin, this is the part that will need to be replaced.

Tip: Occasionally, giving the top of your solenoid a tap with a rubber mallet can be enough to get it working again. This will only work so many times, however, and you will need to replace it eventually.

Once you have diagnosed the problem that your ride on mower is experiencing and have replaced the problem part, you should be able to get back to mowing your yard in no time. When testing your solenoid, if you cannot find an insulated screwdriver make sure you wear rubber gloves to prevent electric shock.