Most of the people working prolong in offices complain of physical troubles like back pain, lower back ache, wrist pain, spondylitis, etc. But, these troubles can be prevented by sitting in a right position in an office chair. Human body works in a systematic way, which when hindered causes troubles like these.  Therefore it is always advised to choose appropriate office chairs. This is the very first step towards keeping off physical problems.

It is important to know that if the chair you are using is right for you. A right chair will allow you sit in a right position and NOT as per your comfort. However, the provided position also makes users sit comfortably. A right office chair is designed keeping all physical requirements in mind. As a result they have appropriate back height, seat width, seat height and hand support. Every chair designed for office use is featured with seat adjustment option. This allows user adjust the height of the seat as per your height, so that your feet touches the floor in perpendicular angle. Always, set those adjustments before you sit on to it. Also look for the cushion on the seat. Both excessive and less cushion is injurious for your health. Just for the sake of over comfort, don’t compromise your health, go for the appropriate one. For your hand support there must be a handle, which should have a height that will make your arms perpendicular to the desk, giving complete support while typing. Considering all things, you can actually leave a healthy life.