For a garden lover home owner, there is nothing as pleasing as riding around the yard on a mower and watching scrubby grasses turning into trimmed lawn. But, often it is not pleasing when you find grasses as bad as before mowing. This is the time when you need to fix your mower.

Ride on mowers most of the time are complicated as you could not spot the problem in them. But if your mower is unable to trim grasses properly or cut unevenly it is definitely time to repair it. Try to mow at slower speed by adjusting the speed of engine as instructed in the user’s manual guide. Check under the mower deck if there is any dried grasses and other debris cake, remover them.

For poor grass cutting, blunt blades could be one of the reasons. Sharpen those blades or replace them with the new. Belt area can be another problematic area to work out. Check for worn belts and replace them if required. Often during use V-belt slips or corners off during use, so adjust the drive-belt tension appropriately. Clean up the belt area by removing debris if there is any. Also look for some other obstruction in the belt area, which may be hampering it to perform up to the mark.

Don’t forget to check other worn parts in the mowers machine. Replace them if needed.

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