Have you ever owned an item that was just so much hassle that you wish you could have rented it for those times when you needed it most? Have you ever been renting an item that you have loved so much that you wish you had the funds to purchase one of your own? Unfortunately, this seems to be a never-ending cycle. It is important that you determine your needs prior to making a decision lest you end up making the wrong choice. This is especially true of gas detector purchase and rental.

To determine whether you require a gas detector on a short term basis (which means that you should rent it) or whether you will be needing it for the long term (which means that you should purchase it) you should consider each of the following factors:

Time Frame – Consider how long you will need the detector for. Do you need to use one every single workday or will you only need it for a few weeks every now and then? The former will require you to purchase a device, whilst the latter will be suited to a rental.

Substances – Consider the substances that you will be monitoring in your workplace. Do you need to monitor the same sorts of gases at all times or will you be monitoring for different substances depending on the task at hand? In this case, a rental may be better suited.

Budget – Consider how much you can afford to spend. Whilst renting actually does prove to be the more expensive option you will be able to pay in installments. If you cannot afford a substantial upfront payment a rental may be your only means of obtaining a detector.

Workers – Consider how many workers are in your workplace and how many of them will need access to these detectors at any given time. If the number of your staff fluctuates throughout the year, you might like to rent devices when you don’t have enough to monitor everyone.

Current Devices – Consider the gas detectors that are currently in use in your workplace. Perhaps you are renting to test out the brand new model or perhaps your existing device has become damaged and is being repaired. This will play a role in your decision.

Application – Consider whether the task at hand differs significantly to what you would normally be doing. In these cases, you may not have a suitable device on hand, which could mean that renting one is the most preferable option, especially if the task is a one off.

Once you have considered each of the above points you will be in a much better position to determine whether you need to rent   gas detectors or whether you should purchase one. It is important to keep in mind that each of these points are equally as important as each other, so you should avoid favouring one or two over the others. You will find that doing this can result in the wrong decision, leaving you without a detector when you need one most. Consider carefully and choose wisely for the best results.