Beginning WordPress bloggers often find it difficult to get more people on their blog. Just starting out, it seems like no one is reading your posts, and that it is difficult to change that. But, it is probably easier than you think.
And once you get a bigger audience, it is important to look at the bounce rate. If a lot of people are coming to your website, but a lot of them are leaving soon, without reading much of your content, it is important to fix that. So, how do you get more visitors and reduce their bounce rate?

One of the important things you should consider doing on your website if you want to achieve those results is to interlink your posts. When your WordPress blog, or website, is connected within itself, you will instantly see a rise in page views, which is something you want. It’s not difficult or complicated to do, and it can potentially bring you a big advantage.

The same for showing related posts to your readers. When a reader clicks on one of your posts about a specific topic, all chances are that they are interested in that topic. So, giving them another article about the same topic, with maybe a different angle on it, or some new piece of information, will most likely result in them wanting to read that post too. So, you see the importance there.

People sometimes leave your blog because your posts are too long. The solution here is often not to reduce the size of your posts, but just to split them up into several pages. In that way, in the readers mind, the article will seem somewhat shorter, and they are more likely to read through the entirety of it. This is an effective trick, and many large companies have used it when it was necessary to write long articles. There are some things you should know, but beyond that, it’s just about sticking to the right formula and having a bit of luck in the process.

Relating the first two points, a sidebar can be potentially very rewarding for you. If it continually shows related content, other interesting posts and topics, and similar things like that, you are more likely to see a spike in views. When you have great content, but the readers don’t know that, they won’t read it. But if you show them the great content you have, possibly on a sidebar, you will most likely get them to read it. So, this is important if you want to achieve that. There are many wonderful and highly functional WordPress sidebar plugins which you can use for this. Some of them are even highly customizable, so you can tweak your sidebar to look like whatever you want.

And in the end, it is important that your visitors have a sense of randomness. What do we mean about that? Well, basically, that they are encouraged to just sift through website, and read whatever they see. If your readers randomly browse through your blog, then they will most likely see something they want to read, and that is always great. You can’t deny the fact that having readers who enjoy looking through your website will increase your views.

You always have Google Analytics as one of the most powerful analytics tools, and there are also many other WordPress analytics alternatives if you want something different from Google Analytics. These plugins are powerful too, and can give you a great overview of the visits and bounce rate on your blog or website.