Few years back if, you wish to keep an eye on the activities of your spouse, you have to go through all the documents, check cupboard, desk and find out the kind of hang out he or she is having. You also have to find out the secret letters to know that your spouse is really deceiving you. Technological advancements have changed many things, now people are storing all the relevant data and files or other valuable information on their Smartphone or other mobile devices. In tablets, espionner iphone, and various other mobile devices you can see a lot of password protected files and folders.


The science and technology has facilitated people in many respects, mobile phone has helped us to stay in contact with our loved ones, it doesn’t matter how far we are from our office or from home. The popularity and dependency on mobiles phones have made the software designers to develop spy software to install on the mobile phones to track down all its activities.

What is a Mobile Spyware?

These are software applications, which can be installed on the user’s mobile phone to get the confidential information about that the owner of the mobile phone. You can perform this task without the knowledge of the mobile phone owner. This is to track the mobile phone activity and you can also use them on other devices like tablet and computers.

This is an application, which is installed secretly without the knowledge of the espionner iphone owner. This can export details like call logs text messages, internet history and the physical location. The exported data is received by a cloud server and saved, from where you can view you all the details by logging in.

Some of the applications of this spyware also allow its users to listen the conversations. The owner of the mobile phone cannot get any kind of hint that his private information is being transferred. It is very difficult for an unaware person who is not technologically savvy, to find out that his private information is transferred to a third party.

There are two types of software.

Free version

Most of these software are hidden and install them self when you have downloaded something free from the internet. That is why before visiting any suspicious website, it is advised to install an antivirus system on your computer in order to make it safe from these malware activities. Because this malware settles down in your system and leak out your private information without your knowledge. These applications don’t have any icon so it is very difficult to find out that your system has Malwares.

Paid Version

This is an application for which you have to pay. You can install it on the device you wish to track activities. After the application is installed at the desired device, you can log in to the website of the service provider to check the received data in your account.

Anyone who found suspicious activities whether it is in his employee or spouse can use this. Parents also use it for the safety of their kids.