It is essential for the designers to know about the latest web designing trends that has come into the market. The year 2014 will be exciting for the designers who want to make their website look eye-catching. Have a look at some of the designing trends that have come into sight in this year.

  • Flat design will flourish – If you have the opinion that flat design is only a craze, then you are actually making a big mistake. Flat design is believed to be a simple and modern design that you will often hear from your clients. Everybody wants to use flat design because there is less confusion, more usage of white space and a better experience for the users on the whole. It compels the web designers to accomplish more by using less and as such, it is considered to be the best trend for 2014.
  • Responsive designing is needed – The clients are looking for approachable web design and as such, the web developers will need to learn the coding in order to do it properly. Since responsive designing is simple, it is very much demand in the present market. The tablets and smart phones are getting sold every now and then and as such they have won the market. You may visit stan softech website to know more about responsive designing.design_trends
  • Websites display better quality image – The web designers are asked to make better images from a long time. Yet, they are always finding it difficult to satisfy their clients. The year 2014 is expected to bring high quality, artistic and exclusive images due to several reasons. The price of designing is affordable, high quality images will be available everywhere and loading speed of the images will be faster than what it had been in the past.
  • Infographics is the best for signifying data – Infographics help in presenting a lot of information within a small space. Inforgraphics is eye-catching and do not cost much. This is the reason why the business men want to have infographics in their website. The buyers like infographics because they have their own personality, can combine fonts, are peculiar and have bold color patterns.
  • Short videos emerge again – The presentation videos will come back in the year 2014 due to vine explosion. The six second videos are expected to go viral since they can be made easily and everybody loves them. The previous years have showed continuous shortening of the videos and 2014 will be promoting the videos that are under 30 second clips.
  • Newsletter designs are improving – Email marketing is no more the only possible way to reach out to the targeted audience. However, it still is a means that keeps the users interested in the content. In the year 2014, newsletters will keep floating by being more artistic and exciting. So, although it is not the favorite channel anymore, it will not die soon.

The navigation bars are going to be available throughout the year 2014. So, if you are handling a website that has a lot of content, then a top menu or fixed position sidebar seems to be the reasonable approach. These are some design trends that the web designers should know for this year.