Bifolding doors can save a lot of space as they fold back on themselves and they do not require much floor space compared to traditional door system for opening and closing. Whereas they are highly functional, they need care and maintenance to last long and function well. With easy maintenance tips you can make your bifold doors run for longer.

• Clean the doors regularly with a soft wiper. Wipe the surface using a standard cleaning agent. Also use vacuum cleaner to clean in crevices and between louvers. Don’t forget to clean inside edges of the door attached with the hinges.

• Make a regular check for top and bottom metal track used by the panels to run over while opening and closing. Inspect for dents and any other obstruction that causes hindrance to the smooth operation and if it need repairing.

• Make sure that the rollers that roll the bifolding doors on the track are fully round without any indents to obstruct its operation. If you want to make them smoother, use Silicon spray or wax. If necessary you can replace the rollers, these are easily available at hardware store.

• Examine door knobs, hinges and other missing screws. Check if they need to replace or tighten.

• If your bifold doors make sound while opening and closing, identify its exact location and then put few drops of oil in there. You can use any oil but machinery oil should be preferred.

• Check for the signs of rust. Though aluminum metal isles likely to get rust but still it may oxidized and form white layer if not maintained regularly. Remove the rust with a wire brush or sand paper, and cover the area with rust inhibitor coating. After coating it, repaint the area.