With 1.06 billion active monthly users on Facebook, every company, be it local or international, is desperate to promote its brand on the social networking giant. An increasing amount of blogs are now available with a Facebook link button. With 680 million Facebook mobile app users, it is also the most used mobile application.

But there are more than 43 million pages and over nine million apps, brand promotion can be as difficult a task as setting up a company stall in a large scale corporate exhibition. That doesn’t mean one needs to feel intimidated and disheartened. As the number of pages grows, brand promotion techniques are constantly improved.

  • You’ve created your Facebook page. Now you need to let your customers know that you can be reached on your fan page. This can be done by accompanying your email signature with your Facebook URL, asking your twitter followers to join your page, adding page widgets to your blog and redirecting your blog traffic to your page. Additionally, keep a track of the pages you follow.
  • Create a Facebook group and set the privacy option on public. Invite your page followers to join the group and share business information on it. Keep the group members updated and interested by including them in discussions and group chats. Keep notifications turned on for the group. Share documents and updates related to events and product releases.
  • Advertise using Facebook Ads service. It is a better way to promote your brand with its multiple features. Cost effective and customisable ad promotions aid you in reaching your targeted market. You can redirect customers to your Facebook page and company website. With the RSVP event promotion option you can manage events without spending extra cash for hiring an event manager. There are budget flexible options for your ad campaigns starting from low budget and small reach to greater budget and higher reach. It is also possible to choose the country where your brand will be advertised.
  • Photos and notes are another two features that can help grow your business. You can tag pages and group followers in photos and notes and these automatically appear in their contact’s news feed. Graphs, facts, product information, holiday greetings, announcements and other various updates can be shared in the form of images and simple videos.
  • Create a separate Event Groups page to post updates on conferences, programs and other events to keep your fans in the loop every minute.
  • It is not just you marketing who is the brand, your followers share equal credit in making your page visible. Reward those who like your brand and share it with others. You may offer sneak-peaks into new products or hand-out special discounts, just to let them know how valuable they are.
  • Create a Facebook app to upload interesting videos and photographs, games and puzzles to generate interest among potential clients about your brand. Produce dynamic content that users will share.

Facebook now provides a number of tools that will help you promote your brand even better. All you need to do is understand how to exploit these tools to optimally serve your marketing needs.


  • Pagemodo- use this tool to create the perfect Facebook Page for your brand. Designing skills or technical know-how is not required with Pagemodo, that’s the best part. You can easily add features like videos, maps, contact forms, slideshows among many others.
  • TinyChat- this tool allows you to video-chat with your followers for free. Just make a chat room and then share the link.
  • Wildfire- there are a bunch of apps on this tool, allowing you to better engage followers through fun activities like coupons, contests, sweepstakes, trivia and quizzes. Create ever new ways of connecting with your target audience through Wildfire.
  • LiveChat- this app offers survey windows and live-chat to assist fans and would be clients. Through LiveChat, your followers can find what keywords are used to get to the site, see visitor information such as location.
  • Woobox- another tool that provides a suite of new apps to promote your brand. You can create sweepstakes, group deals, coupons and custom Facebook tabs.

Consistency is important for the above methods to get results for you. In the first quarter, growth will be slow but with persistence in marketing, your goal is achievable.

Leo is a social media and financial blogger creating awareness on provisional license, helping them to avoid traffic police issues and making their life in safe side through social media.  He is also an avid technology geek, He loves to collect new gadgets to keep pace with the ever evolving future.