Technology in today’s world seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and office automated systems are no different. Remember the days of mimeograph machines, with the purple ink that left smudges on peoples’ hands? What a difference approximately three and a half decades makes.

There are a couple of things to take into consideration when contemplating whether to purchase a multifunction copier or business fax machine. First, a business owner must consider the size of their business. They must determine what their monthly print, copy, scan, and fax needs are. If they find that they are spending more money on individual supplies for each piece of equipment, it might behoove them to consider an upgrade to a multifunction unit. Along these same lines, the overall budget becomes a factor as to whether an upgrade is a possibility because the question then becomes whether it would be best to purchase or lease the company copier. The best way to determine this is to calculate the company’s overall expenses. If it would be too expensive to purchase a copier outright, it might be easier on the company budget to make monthly lease payments instead.


There is convenience to consider. Many business owners find themselves wasting valuable billing time having to constantly move around the office trying to get their documents together. An upgrade to an office automated system could be the answer to the problem of decreased productivity. The beauty of efficiency is in its simplicity. All-in-one automated office systems mean less time dedicated to menial tasks, leaving the employees with time to handle other pressing business issues. These systems can copy, collate, and fax any document that is sent from anywhere in the office; it can then have it stapled and ready to be picked up when ready. With these time saving document solutions, businesses are provided with easier ways to distribute, organize, and manage files.

Technology has advanced to the point where products like Toshiba’s eSTUDIO series of copiers are combined with powerful office automated system software that offers the best in office functionality. With a sophisticated network system across the entire office, employees can customize and control print job processing, design, create and deliver electronic documents, forms and reports and select the appropriate finishing features on their documents, such as collating, stapling and hole punching. Business owners can also track the usage and status of all printers in the office to ensure that all print needs are being met. The software also enables business owners to control which print job goes to which printer, in order to avoid overloading and long waits for printed documents.

Now is the time for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity to make office operations simple with office automated systems. The details of an automated system’s use would be explained by the service representative chosen to install the unit. Reaching out to several reputable dealers, such as Busys Business Systems (head over to for more), could likely be the best business decision made this year.