Cartoon character’s are always being special in the kid’s life. Though, the characters are fictional, but still somewhere, they connect to your emotion’s and feelings with their funny acts and playings. When you are bored, they entertain you. And when you are laughing, they exaggerate your laugh. Hence, these cartoon characters and fictional characters have become an unmatchable part of kid’s and teen’s life. Not only this, even the adults and oldies also love to watch them. What a pretty relationship is this! Well, one such character in the market is Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character developed and produced in Japan. Though, it’s full name is Hello Kitty White, but she has become famous and portrayed as hello kitty. By the time now, it is quite famous on TV channels and on the several game sites. The mother of the character who actually designed hello kitty is a Japanese lady, named Yuko Shimizu. And, now people know it is well recognized as Bobtail Cat in millions of houses.

Meet Hello Kitty White

Well, hello kitty is now over the market, TV, games, consumer products, accessories and even on clothes also. Every corner is exploded with success photos and pictures of Hello Kitty. This character has overshadowed the consumer market of teens, kids, adults, etc. Not only this, it has now been overtaken the gaming industry and application market. Daily, several of hello kitty games and applications are launched and being developed by the company. Hence, we can say that the Hello Kitty is now more like the oxygen in the air.

 About The Hello Kitty Character

If we talk about the appearance of Hello Kitty, then she is a white cat with red bow on the left of her ear. She is portrayed as a cute and pretty cat girl. Her this traditional attire has made her eye catching character of the kid’s and cartoon industry. Further, in her family, she has a father, a mother with a twin sister. Her sister is like her, but unlike Kitty, she is little shy. Hello Kitty kitty has a kind and lovely heart. She always carries a supporting gesture for all her friends and family. She loves her family a lot, but carry a special bonding for her sister. When in comes to her liking and hobbies, then she love cooking her mother’s apple pie recipe and cookie.

Coming back to the Hello kitty’s popularity, no one can deny that since 1974 to till now, she has left any small thing to be marked upon. Her popularity brought to stage where, her pictures are posted on small stationary usage. Small kids love only hello kitty pencil and erasers. Even though, teens want it to be in front of her t-shirts. Hello Kitty’s birthday gift and cards revolutionized the market of gift-giving in Japan. The success not only stopped here, the government of Japan declared Hello Kitty the travel and tourism ambassador between Hong Kong to China. Further adding up her success and popularity list, she even got her name added with brands like Coca Cola and Nike.

So friends if you want to learn more about Hello kitty, you can surely take help of the Google and the Internet. You will get all information there, what you require. Well, you guys can also get the Hello kitty games like Hello kitty wedding game, hello kitty dress up games, car racing games easily on various of games and application portals. Not only this, you can also download several of free Hello Kitty wallpapers, themes supporting your mobile phone. There are plenty of android, iPhone, mac Hello Kitty  wallpapers and applications available on-line. So, download them and get yourself blown in Hello Kitty fan following.