The Internet is an indispensable part of the lives of people today. Not only has it made an impact on the personal lives of people, but it has also made significant changes in other aspects of society as well, including business.

Today, the way businesses use the internet to further their causes has changed dramatically. With employees being more attached to their computers than before, they are also realizing that with the benefits of using the internet also come risks. Here, the threats the internet poses to companies and why it is important to use keyloggers to monitor the internet activities of employees during their work time will be discussed.

What harm can the Internet bring?

The internet brings people closer together through a virtual world where everyone from around the world can mingle with others without having to leave their homes. Millions of people across the world are constantly connected through this immense resource. Since the internet offers almost everything under the sun, there is a tendency for it to be misused.

In companies, the internet can be misused by employees by using it to access pornography or other sexually explicit websites, using it to access for pay websites, and downloading viruses or malware on company computers. Probably the most common problem that the internet can bring to employers is the fact that it can act as a powerful distraction for people, leading them to perform badly in their jobs.

These are the reasons why many companies are now using an employee monitoring software that constantly monitors the activities of employees on company computers.

  • E-mail. This has become the most common method of communication that employees choose, since it is fast and convenient. Even though it saves time, employers should realize that giving employees email access also opens up the possibility of being liable for any misuse that employees make with their emails. This misuse includes sexual harassment, disclosure of confidential company information, threats of violence, and spread of computer viruses.
  • Offline computer processes.  Even computers that are not being used to connect to the internet can  still be subject to problems arising from abuse of these materials by employees at work. These computers may be used to pirate software, access company databases without authorization, sabotage company records and files, and other personal uses such as playing games or producing materials for their own purposes.

Employers are now given the right to actually check or look into private accounts of employees when they use company computers. However, the employers still need to respect human rights when they track employee activities using company resources.  For instance, they are restricted from installing cameras on restrooms and enforcing body searches all the time.

Companies are allowed to impose surveillance and look at private emails sent by an employee given that there may be evidence that they may be breaking the confidence of the company.  This is also necessary when the employee is suspected of disclosing private company information to people from outside the company.

It is important for companies to remember that before they install an employee monitoring software to monitor facility use of employees, they should first establish policies and address issues that may arise concerning security and privacy.