iPad is a tablet or slate computer first introduced by Apple in 2010. Upon the release of the original iPad, Apple officially declared that it is a magical and innovative device for reading and sending email, browsing the web, enjoying photos, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, reading e-books and many more. This is the main reason that iPad become the need of every business whether it is cooperate sector or any other field it become the first preference of business organizations. In this article we will discuss key features and benefits of iPad hire.

Key Features of iPad

  • iPad have same operating system and hardware like I phone that’s why it is much stronger and efficient like the iPhone.
  • iPad can access the Apple ‘App Store’, where you can easily  purchase and download any of over one million applications;
  • iPad 2 introduced first time a back-facing camera and a front-facing camera planned specifically for Face Time video conferencing.
  • Bluetooth option is also available that also allows wireless keyboards to connect to the iPad among other wireless devices.
  • Battery life: iPad has been advertised as having around 10 hours of battery life since the original iPad debuted.


Benefits of IPad hire

Hire an iPad has become more common in these days. iPad is one of the most successful devices of this era and many companies have gained so much benefit by using it in their businesses. Most of the business organizations have bought the multiples of iPads for their staff and other who don’t have sufficient budget to buy the iPads have started iPad hire services sufficiently because by using these services they can easily fulfill their business needs and also save a lot of capital. Here are some important tasks which can business organizations can easily performed by the use of iPad rental services.

iPad Hire for Business meetings

IPad hire services are very popular for the business meeting seminars and for employee training. Organizations have required a large numbers of iPad for all the members because by  using this they can easily convey their presentation and information of the product easily to the visitor.

Event planning

Event planning is always a stressful job for the organizers because for this they have required a lot of effort required. Event staff can use iPad to complete event registration and perform faster check-ins. Another popular hands-off approach is to use a custom registration apps on iPad.


Technology always play a key vital role in the educational sector. And I pad is one of them which brings a lot of comforts for both the teacher and student in the classroom. Thousands of apps for education, interactive books and speeches on every subject, and virtual tours from experts help to enhance any study session for both student and teacher.

Many organizations are currently presenting the iPad rental services all over the world. TabletHire is one of the leading iPad hire services provider in all over the Europe since 2010. Tablet Hire offers business organizations to hire iPad mini for important business meetings. Tablet Hire are able to offer a number of solutions for your conference. Whether you are holding a small in-house meeting or a conference for 1,000 representatives we have a number of solutions to proposal that can be arranged at very short notice.