Diwali, the festival of lamps is celebrated with lot of joy throughout the country and even across the world. It is celebrated with great fanfare to enjoy lights, firecrackers and decorations that can be seen in abundance during the season. With the beginning of festive season it is now the time to think of imaginative gift ideas and also preparing for the festival of lights.

The malls, shops and also street stores bring out their wares in attractive packages “sales” cards are prominently displayed. The preparation for the festival begins with cleaning of the houses and then shopping for items that are required for the celebrations. A small list of items that will be needed for Diwali is mentioned below:


  1. Diya, candles, decorative bulbs, lanterns:These items will be required for lighting purposes. Diyas, the earthenware oil lamps, are used for lighting in the evening. One big and four small ones will be needed for the celebrations. Besides this one diya will be needed for every room in the house. You can arrange lighting as per your requirement using lamps, lanterns and strings of decorative electric lights. The size of the house should be kept in mind while shopping for decorations. Do not use the leftover diyas of last Diwali. Lanterns can even be purchased one month before Diwali using Snapdeal Diwali offers.



  1. Sweets:

As mark of happiness and good will, sweets are normally exchanged with friends and family members. These can be bought from shops or prepared at home. You will have to work out the requirement carefully. Order for sweet baskets having different sweets can be placed for delivery on Day of Diwali or a day earlier.


  1. Clothes and ornaments:

Traditionally new clothes and ornaments are worn on this festival. The traditional wear can be bought in advance so that tailors get adequate time for the fitting and alterations. Preferably you should have two sets of dresses, one of cotton for bursting of firecrackers and another for Diwali and avail Amazon Diwali coupons while buying them.



  1. Firecrackers:

New types of crackers are introduced in the market every year. Separate markets are set up for this, little away from crowded places for safety reasons. Buy only those crackers that you are comfortable with. Check out CouponDekho.co.in for the latest Diwali coupons.



  1. New Clothes

Diwali brings along a shopping spree. Traditional clothes are bought by people across the world for wearing on this day. The mantra is that “Spending wealth attracts more wealth”. Jewelry shopping increases considerably during this period. Jewelry and new clothes are worn during evening prayers and celebrations later.



  1. Lights:

Joy and hope are brought in the world by brightness of the lights. It shows that goodness will always triumph on the evil. Every room is lighted with the traditional diya. Decorative lights, lanterns, candles and attractive lamps that flood the markets are used for adding brightness.


Streets are also decorated with colorful lights. Lighting competitions are also held in certain areas. Lights are most essential part of Diwali celebrations and are symbol of good and cover evil of darkness.