In our analogy of King and its Kingdom we can say PCR as Court of the King.It is a room separated from Studio by a glass wall. This is the place where the commands and control of studio lies. The production director, the technical director etc sits their during the production.

This is the place where control consoles of Production Switcher, Audio Mixer, Control of Robotic Camera, Talk Back, number of displays, VTRs etc are kept. The directors (Production, Technical) issue directions to the camera men, to the anchor, to the teleprompter (a device which displays a text for anchor to read while looking into camera) from here.

The multi camera outputs are feed into the production switcher. We get a finished video content from the production switcher. Similarly the finished audio content from the audio mixer is obtained. The separate Video and Audio content are embedded or mixed after the time correction.

Generally the video content passes through much more number of stages of processing so there develops a time lag between the video and audio source. The time lag of video signals need to be eliminated by delaying the audio signal. So a time correction or audio delay is done. The class of equipments which does time correction, embedding of audio signals into video etc are called GLUES.

There could be other functions which could be required at this stage such as format conversion, frame conversion, chroma keying etc all these are done by various types of glues.

The finished content is transferred to a video server or a VTR (VTR is device which record the content into tapes).

The feature of production switcher and audio mixer would be discussed later once I would have described the outline of the complex system.


If I take the Kingdom analogy that far its akin to the armoury of fort. I am not saying it the central armoury as there is CAR of MCR (Master Control Room).
There are number of equipments which generates lot of heat and need to rack mounted and separated from there control console. These parts of the equipment or equipments are kept in CAR. A sample list could be CCU, RCP, MCP, Glues, Video server etc.