You may be receiving calls from mysterious number and desire to know who is calling you and for what reason. Your Caller ID/missed calls list displays the number as unknown. You can make use of reverse phone lookup technique.

Reverse Phone Lookup

What is reverse phone lookup?

It is a simple method to track the details using the phone number. Type the phone number on directories or search engines. Listings associated with the targeted phone number will be displayed on search result page.

There are plenty of reverse  lookup sites providing free services. These may be helpful but have some restrictions. They can provide limited information.

On the other hand, with paid services you can find detailed information including the individual or company’s name making the mysterious calls. You can get frustrated with such constant calls. With the address obtained from the service provider, you can directly visit their place and demand an explanation for calling persistently.

Internet technology has put an end to the use of paper directories making reverse phone lookup a search engine task.

Free search engine – How it works?

Major search engines can be used. Type the unknown phone number in search field, but separate the numbers with hyphen. Click and see the results. You will see the owner’s name, address and map link. Search engines cannot get results, if the numbers are unlisted. For more advanced search, you will have to pay individually for each search or pay annual charges for limitless number of lookups.

Reverse phone lookup for cell phones

Reverse phone lookup offers free services for landline telephone numbers. However, for mobile numbers this service is paid. The concept of reverse phone search differs between landline and mobile devices.

Different mobile phone companies issue cell phone numbers instead of using a common directory similar to landline numbers. This is the reason that makes obtaining user information difficult to access. Simultaneously, many mobile phone users value their privacy and do not desire anyone to reach them. Users may desire to be left alone because they may have suddenly abandoned landline phones.

To do reverse lookup for cell phone numbers use search engine and visit the site. Type the phone number. You will be requested to pay a small fee to get the cell phone users name & address. If the fee is high, check other websites. Remember reputable sites do not charge for searching the information. You can learn more by visiting –

You can find people’s phone number using their name and address, but if you have to find a person using their phone number, you will have to use reverse phone number lookup online services.

Today, you can look at the call display to identify the numbers that call every time without leaving any message. Repeated numbers can be blocked, but it can be collection calls. Therefore, to be certain, you can first check who the caller on the other end is.

A phone lookup service offers you the power to be in command of bullying tactics of mysterious callers, who avoid identifying themselves.

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