Samsung is not only growing its product catalog in the field of smartphones but also experimenting with some gadgets that can be called as perfect for the moment. For example, the just two months ago we saw the Galaxy S6 and it is actually a beast if you compare its design, specs and features with other smartphones that are present in the market. But now Samsung is going to bet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Note 5 releas date

Also, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung introduced some different display, as defined by them, 2.5D (halfway between 2D and 3D) by the sense of volume generated by its crystal with a curved profile at the edges. The screen of the Galaxy Note 4 features capacitive technology supports up to 2,048 pressure levels (doubles the performance of its predecessor), i.e. is much more accurate in all respects. Moreover, it is able to distinguish different pressure angles and, following the lead of the Note 3 line, enter the menu Samsung Air Command manicured quick access to functions S-Pen, and numerous dedicated applications, to take advantage of all these performance. Already in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the highlight comes on the heels of the integration of the S-Pen with the terminal software, and more specifically in this model with the latest news TouchWiz layer and the S-Pen Widgets. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date, you would not only find all these features are better but also the hundreds of news features.

In the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the truth is that they have added new features improved -and the present- and in this respect, but the changes announced last year with the Galaxy Note 3 were most remarkable and groundbreaking and in this new terminal, was complicated surpass that level. Nevertheless, and although it may seem that offers nothing new, both the menu Air Command (default is deployed to extract the S-Pen) as the multi-window mode, have been optimized and enhanced in Note 4. Now, in addition to several applications running at the same time display, can be minimized to a floating icon. As if that were not enough, pass information between them is much easier. And here new story would be born with the Samsung Note 5 release date in September; also you can expect the great changes and features.

Also, the present generation Galaxy S series got lots of changes and it is reflected by the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we are expecting the same from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and we would also see a special version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it could be waterproof or if you remember the Galaxy ZOOM series, so we can see another massive camera Galaxy Note 5 but this is just a rumour, it would be only clear after the final launch.