Individuals, who are not well acquainted with the digital market, often consider Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be the same thing. However, heads up, although related, both of these strategies are completely different. Yes, I know many readers out there have heard that ORM makes use of the SEO principles, in order to establish the credibility of a business and it is true. But that does not really mean they are alike.  Want to know what is the main difference? Well, search engine optimization dedicates its efforts so that one web page can acquire good ranks. On the other hand, online reputation management aims at enhancing manifold web pages of a site so that they can have a good impression on the search results.

What do we mean by Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

For the amateurs, who have no idea how SEO functions, let me inform that search engine optimization is a significant tactic that improves the visibility of your site so that it appears on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Google and other search engines rank the pages based on their quality, consistency, reliability and popularity. A top-notch SEO company in India promotes a site through the social media platforms so that it can reach out to larger segments of the population, convert them into loyal customers and thus, enhance the ROIs.

How does Online Reputation Management make use of SEO?

Online Reputation Management can be loosely defined as the practice of fabricating techniques that can shape the way by which a business would be perceived. It encourages public opinion about a company, its products and services.

ORM is also noted for emphasizing the top ranks so that more people could come to know about the concerned business. Here, the varied techniques of search engine optimization are used so that the viewers can get a positive and exact image of the organization. However, if you wish to offer exceptional first impression, you cannot really stop by optimizing the web pages, you do need to pay much attention to other properties also.

If done well, the ORM services of India or any other nation for that matter can allow a business to have strong online presence. Creation of attractive profiles on the social channels, positive reviews from the clients and relevant as well as engaging contents are some of the distinguishing facets that ensure long-lasting virtual image.

What additional functions does ORM have?

Till now we have come to know that both ORM and SEO focuses on high ranks of a website.  However, you need to understand that apart from the stated, ORM does have some extra functions, which the services of local SEO in India does not have.

Search Engine Optimization is just one part of ORM. It is an extensive procedure, which involves content marketing, social media marketing, public relations, site maintenance and much more. It also analyzes the results on search pages and categorizes them accordingly. Online Reputation Management is a proactive approach that continuously tries to build a positive presence on the web through various outlets and crush or suppress the negative criticisms as soon as they appear.

Thus, from the above discussion is could be fairly concluded that both ORM and SEO is important. ORM uses SEO but they are no really the same. When seen with regard to ORM, SEO is a much more compact strategy.