The most popular and most common mobile devices are from Nokia. I will describe in brief about Nokia N77 Handset and a Headset for Nokia N8.

 N77 was the second phone from Nokia with DVB-H capability after Nokia N92.

N77 has user friendly small key on side to start the services of Mobile TV. The services can also be started from icon on GUI. The devices are ready for multicast and uni cast. The display can be rewind up to 30 seconds instantly. The other details are as below:

Battery Life:

  • Stand By – 170 hr
  • Talk time (2 G) 4.5 Hr, (3G) 3.5 Hr

Display: 2.4 Inch TFT, 16 M Color, 240×320 Pixels

Weight:  114 grams

Memory: 20 MB storage and 64 MB RAM

The other accessories and features are common to the available smart phone in the market. You would notice the battery life, memory; RAM has been kept low to keep the weight low. The trade of had been in the direction of weight.

To over come various disadvantages Nokia has come up with a new solution. A separate device Headset for compatible Hand set for Mobile TV. The Headset has various keys for control etc of the Mobile TV application. This headset has to be used with various compatible hand sets.  The additional hardware keeps the weight and demand on battery low, while providing almost all the requisite features of Mobile TV.

The other car based DTV receivers also need to be discussed as they are also in category of Mobile TV. One such device was developed by Concept Inc. It was a small an compact device. The device was prized at 499$. A 1 Inch roof mount antenna was connected to the   reception device with a 6 Inch long antenna wire. The tuner is compatible with any display device. This is considered by many as Mobile TV. But to me it seems a arrangement to achieve mobility. Mobile TV needs to be truly mobile with independent power source and its own display system.

The mobile TV is emerging concept which has lot of potential. There have been various issues and cases in which the cutting edge technology concept is facing bottleneck and business shrewdness, which borders on Illegality if not exactly illegal. We will discuss them in next two articles.