Using social media is a great way to promote your business, regardless of whether you strictly sell products online or happen to offer services within a specific geographical area. However, since there are over 14 million users of this site in the UK alone, you need a way to target your local market. These tips can help you target and find followers within your specific scope of operations.

Do a Takeover

To help you find followers in the area where your business is located, allow an influencer in the community to take over your Instagram feed for a day. A takeover like this has many benefits for your business, including engaging with a local audience using pertinent tactics, building brand awareness within your community, and helping you find more local Instagram followers. Look for influencers in your community who feature a following or an audience that fits well with your business model, and get to know them online before you suggest they undertake your feed’s posts for a day.

Hold a Contest

People like receiving free things, so you can attract a great deal of attention by holding a content contest on your Instagram account. Not only will a contest help reward your current followers, but it can help you find new ones too. In fact, when you hold a contest, it is smart to only allow followers to participate in it.

Even if your company only offers local services, you can offer discounts on those services or a free coupon to your local followers. Targeting locals is relatively cut-and-dry. Using contests, coupons, or promotions can go a long way towards enhancing your company’s image within the community.

Add Video Posts

Although most of your Instagram posts will be static images, you can also add videos to your account. In order to reach more people, and to gain new followers, you should post videos on a regular basis. Research shows that videos on Instagram get twice the attention from users when compared side-by-side with image posts. Create videos to announce new products or services, to give more information about your business and/or its employees, and to show followers how to properly use or operate your products. Videos are an incredibly simple, direct way to connect with an audience.

Strategic Postings

Although you can add a post to your account at any time of day, you will receive more engagements by uncovering the most popular browsing times. For instance, if you market products to other businesses, the best time to reach out to them will probably be during standard business hours. In the same way, if your products are marketed to stay-at-home mothers, choosing a time of day when their children are at school will probably represent the best time to capture their attention. The SEO company that you’re working with can do the research to discover optimal times for posting content. This will allow you to target specific audiences at specific times, which creates a well-rounded approach to segmenting your potential customers.

There are many strategies that can be used to help your account gain followers. You can even buy active followers from companies. Some of these strategies can take time to work, but implementing a consistent online marketing approach will attract loyal customers to your brick and mortar business.