Do you want to spy on someone you suspect who is perhaps attempting to do any false activity? If you are unable to catch him easily then there is something you can spy with without having to know that person.

Multi-function sunglasses have evolved with a hi-tech spy camera that can help you spy and track anything and anyone you want to. In the market, there are various designs of sunglasses with a built-in spy camera. To name a few include:

1. Liquid Image Apex

Liquid Image Apex sunglasses are typically designed to be used for capturing snow activities, and help with its protection from the sun. You can shoot HD videos which include 30 frames per sec and 60 frames per sec. You can even capture still images at 12 mega pixels and the camera can also shoot in continuous photo mode.

Liquid Image Apex sunglasses Colours

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The best part with Liquid Image Apex is the microphone that comes with wind-guard technology that enables high quality sound.

2. POV ACG25-4CAC1

This is a blend of polarized sunglasses and a video recorder featuring an 8 Megapixel, HD video camera fixed inside the sunglass frame. While wearing your sunglasses, you can record video at resolution- 1280×720 pixels, 35 frames per second.


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POV appears with 4 GB of internal memory and the camera can record videos for approximately 2 hours. The micro SD slot also enables you to expand the memory with an extended 16 GB memory and the battery also lasts for around 2 hours after use. The interchangeable sunglasses equipped with the high quality camera are both water resistant so that you can capture while you swim as well.

3. Camsports Coach 720p

If you are a coach and want to track the activities and performance of your students then ‘Camsports Coach’ is the best sporty sunglass spy camera for you. This can produce 30 frames per sec with 1280×720-pixel HD resolution, making a good option for coaches. Directing the team becomes easier with this camera as you can record their activities very well with these sunglasses, which appear with an added 32 GB card. The sets of interchangeable lenses are ideal to work in varied conditions and the battery backup is for up to 2 hours.

Camsports Coach lens

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While, these are only some of the few sunglasses with a built-in spy camera, you can explore the range of different types of spy cameras to use them for personal or professional use.