Working in a workplace environment that involves a lot of organic chemical compounds like gases and inorganic chemical compounds like chemical paints and vapor pressures is really hazardous for health as well as for natural environment. Effects of such chemicals become more intense when they are in concentrated form in confined space. To prevent their toxic effect it is important that the chemical compounds are stringently monitored present in the surrounding areas. MiniRAE system 3000 is an advance device for monitoring volatile organic compounds that allows users detect and analyze the level of levels of all sorts of toxic fumes.

Real-time wireless data transmission

The MiniRae 3000 is equipped with a delicately tuned built-in Bluetooth or RF modem. Both of them provide the incredible advantage of enabling user view real time data transmitted by the sensor and the alarm status at the site headquarters or command center. Along with offering real-time wireless data transmission, it also provides real-time data transmissions. It can be operate from two miles if a RAElink3 portable modem is used.

Advanced PID technology

PID stands for photoionization detector. MiniRAE 3000 system provides three-second response time as well as a range which measures up to 15,000 ppm. PID technology also has temperature and humidity sensors, which activate humidity compensation when needed.

Durable housing

MiniRAE 3000 can withstand the adverse and extreme environments where it is often needed to be used. It has a sensor that features a waterproof design which can be cleaned easily and decontaminated simply using water that too without causing any harm to the device. This model of MiniRAE also has external defensive element like a powerful rubber boot which can be removed while cleaning or when additional protection is not required.

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