Cable modem hacking has raised a lot of concern in cable internet providers industry. Although it is a fast means of data transmission and allows fast surfing and quick downloads, hacking is easier on cable modem, as compared to broadband internet. Therefore, the need for measures to stop cable modem hacking has increased.

Unfriendly Internet Users

Most internet users are harmless. They use the internet for personal purposes and pose no threat to other users. However, there are some users that hack peoples’ internet accounts because it pleases them. They get into the computer of other people steal their data.

Hackers actually invest a lot of time and efforts to accomplish their goal. They have specialized knowledge and a lot of determination that keeps them going. Hackers use sophisticated technology and applications to cross security systems. They breach all security controls and gain unauthorized access into sensitive data.

Protect Your Data

Here are things you should do to prevent attracting hackers:

  • Never store confidential information on the computer
  • Never store details about your credit card on the computer
  • Never store information like your social security number on the computer
  • Try to minimize the use of your credit card on the computer and network

Things you should do include:

  • Use PayPal instead of credit cards
  • Shut off the modem when it’s not in use
  • Abide by instructions provided by cable internet providers to prevent hacking

What Do Hackers Want?

To be specific, they want your credit card details. If not that, then they want your pictures or other data files they need. They will target folders where they figure sensitive information is stored. It’s not the songs you hear or movies you watch that they want.

Therefore, being prepared for the worst and taking measures to prevent hackers from gaining access to your sensitive data is important. For this, you need the following:

1. Antivirus: This is what you need! A reputed antivirus must be installed on your computer at all times. Most importantly, it must be up-to-date. This will prevent access to your computer by hackers from day one.

2. Firewall: The computer network must be protected using a strong firewall. This is a virtual barrier that prevents flow of information without permission from administrators. Cable internet providers must ensure that this service is available. Though Firewalls are very important, they can be crossed over. Sometimes, it fails to protect the network from internal problems.

3. Intrusion Detection System: This is often referred to as “IDS”, and serves as a great additional defense to the firewall. This application helps detect internal security breaches and when hackers bypass the firewall. IDS also recognize statistical deviations and unusual behavior within the network. When there are inconsistencies with task performed on the network, the IDS flags them. It also opens the source and alerts the network administrator about abnormal behavior and breaches. The system can be programmed to detect areas hackers tamper with and to trigger an alarm.

4. Restrict Access to Computers: The best preventive measure is to limit access to computers. Only specific people should be allowed access to sensitive data. Therefore, while using a network make sure that not all terminals can access sensitive information. You can ensure limited access by putting a password on the computer. Only authorized personnel should know this password. The best idea perhaps, is to disconnect computers from the internet while they are not in use. Besides, turning them off and locking the premises of the computers after office hours is very important. The key is to make access by unauthorized personnel as difficult as possible.

5. Avoid Insecure Websites: There are many websites that are reported as insecure of that contain harmful information. Avoid using such websites because they comprise of malware that can facilitate hacking.

6. Avoid Downloads from Uncertified Websites:  You may need to download software applications. Always make sure you download them from certified website, where there is guarantee that you won’t be hacked.

The most important measure you must take is to make sure to ask cable internet providers as many questions as possible. Ask them about anti-hacking measures they take to ensure protection of their customers’ data.

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