Camera Phone

Nearly all new mobile phones come equipped with a camera. The resolution is that in which quality images are created. The standard Camera for a mobile phone is 3.2 MP. A mobile phone equipped with a camera produces photos that are well suited for the use of the Internet. Most smartphones now have been based on a camera of 8 megapixels or more. The camera phone is getting more opportunities. There are already mobile phones with cameras equipped with autofocus, xenon flash and self-timer.

Music On Your Mobile Phone

Most cell phones can also play MP3 files. These are compressed music files of high quality. Because these files are not too large (often several MB per song), it is often possible to save. A large collection of music on your phone and this makes the mobile phone more than suitable as an MP3 player.


Internet And Wi-Fi

Almost all suppliers offer a call service in addition to internet and e-mail are among the possibilities. Previously, it was still using the WAP network. WAP is specially designed for the mobile Internet. Nowadays, use is made of the GPRS network that is faster and more extensive. Here, you pay only for data sent and received, and not for the time you’re online. GPRS speeds can be compared with the speed of a date ISDN modem at home. In particular UMTS HSDPA is much faster, and offer speeds which are equal to the ADSL connection at home. Infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make it possible to create a wireless connection. Over a short distance, in this way, different devices can communicate with each other. So you can send information to other mobile phones, PDAs and computers with your mobile phone. It is also possible to use the internet on the bandwidth of your Internet connection at home wirelessly via a Wi-Fi binding.

Battery Life Of A Mobile Phone

When buying a mobile phone, it is wise to pay attention to the standby time and talk time. The standby time is the time before the battery is empty when the phone is on, but it is not working. The talk time is the time that can be used for talking till it gets empty. The current generation of batteries is smaller and can deliver more current. A color screen, large internal memory and the use of mobile phones in addition to calling and texting affect the standby time. So the mobiles can go more than a week with it, but it is often necessary for the newest models to recharge it. Every day to two days, the adapters and load modules have become a lot more efficient, and most phones are fully charged within hours.

Because more and more phones have USB you can now charge your mobile phone in more and more places. So you can connect it to your computer and while driving you can also connect it to your car to charge it. To get the best priced mobiles you can prefer Jumia Nigeria voucher or directly visit