WhatsApp has made the communication so easy that every third smartphone user using this great app for texting their friends, colleagues and family members. WhatsApp is not being used to send messages, people can share audio/video files as well without any problem. This app has become integral part of smart phone which can easily be figured out by the fact the few mobile phone manufacturing companies releasing their phones with WhatsApp as preinstalled app just like Facebook and twitter. Although there are plenty of competitors in the market but WhatsApp has been dominating the market since long time. It was started back in 2009 by two ex-employees of Yahoo Inc. who together worked about 20 years at yahoo and separated from the company to start a new venture.



The idea of starting this app was to make communication cost effective in addition to provide other features like sharing videos/audio files, group chat etc. that come as add-on on traditional messaging thing. Think about the cost involve in sending messages to your friends living in other country. It will be much more expensive if you use minutes of your mobile phone however if you have WhatsApp installed on both the smartphone (yours and your friend), it will incur no charges at all (I assume you have unlimited data/WiFi plan).

Today WhatsApp is just not being used by the colleague guys who mainly use it for entertainment but the personnel like doctors, lawyers, teachers and businessmen are also using it as it is free to use and they can not only send simple text messages, they can exchange reports and other documents as well. Additionally making group call attracts huge cost however if all the parties has WhatsApp installed, group chat doesn’t incur any charges.

The reason behind WhatsApp gaining popularity could be the changing trend of communication and new technologies. Earlier when mobile phones were made to perform basic functions like make/receive calls and messages, today they are made to do much more stuff. The smart phones can perform all those functions what a computer does be it, checking emails, edit pdf docs, arrange contacts as per the choice, check weather forecast etc.

WhatsApp recently crossed 400 million users which clearly shows the response this great app is receiving from its potential users. Out of 400 million users, 100 million users joined hand in just last 4 months. However, the rivals like LINE, WeChat, Viber, and Tango are also occupying much userbase but they are way behind this great app.

As we know, when something eases the tasks, there are disadvantages associated with it. While WhatsApp has become one of the major app to communicate with the friends, the people who misuse the app and its services also become active. A lots of people have seen complaining about WhatsApp Spam as they receive idiotic messages sometimes from unknown numbers which is pretty much annoying.

How spammers come to know about your mobile no.?
Sometime we left our mobile no. on various websites like olx, craiglist, backpages to buy/sell products or services and that’s how the spammers collect our mobile no. and use it to spam. If you want to stay away from WhatsApp spam share the mobile no. cautiously.