Windows phone 8.1 provides you all new features to provide you a delightful experience.

The cartona feature of this phone will provide you multiple benefits including sending texts, calls, notes and much more beyond that. Moreover, you could keep yourself updated about things including traffic, weather, and news. There are many entertainment apps too for your leisure time. Install the Xbox video app and watch your favorite movies and live television conveniently. The podcasts app on the other hand will help you to subscribe to the latest music.
What is new in this phone?
This phone is available with almost all the MSN apps preinstalled including the sports, news, health, drinks, food, weather etc. you will have all new experience of browsing. Your internet explorer will have reading mode, in private browsing and many other innovative settings. Not only this, you could sync your phone with your PC. All you need to do is, sign in with the current Microsoft account. To know more about the outstanding features of this windows phone, you could explore It will offer you inside out of topmost smartphones online.

It offers you a better way to stay organized. It is simple to create more folders and generate more space on the home screen.
It provides you an outstanding way of typing. Shape writing is quite accurate, easy and quick. All you have to do is slide your fingers around the keyboard and all the words will automatically take shape. Have you heard about a special feature apps corner? With this feature, you could select only those applications that you want other people to see. This is a great application to set up phone for your colleagues, students, employees etc.

Important tips you must consider before buying
Before making any purchase, you must check the memory of your handset. If your phone has less than 1 GB space, some features and applications might not work on it. Hence, it is always better to go through your manufacturer’s website and gather useful information. Besides this, you could check your phone’s documentation too. There are few features, which might not run in your region, but runs in other countries or vary as per the mobile operators. You have to see all these features before you visit your nearby dealer.

Check out other latest features of this haandset
Here is a way to save your mobile data for future use. The handset provides you an option to connect to open sourced wi- fi conviniently. Not only this, it will accept all the terms and conditions to have access to wi- fi on your behalf. You simply have to swipe down from the screen to open the action centre of your phone. Here, you could manage several things like bluetooth, wi- fi, volume control and many other things beyond that.

You must also consider many other features. You must read the manual available along with the handset to know about the hidden features.

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